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USA admission consultants

ILM Prep’s Guaranteed Admissions Consulting Services is a unique admissions counselling services that ensures that students are guaranteed an admission offer from a Reputed University from USA, UK, Canada etc. according to the best their profiles that they have applied to through ILM Prep.

How do We Guarantee Admissions?

ILM Prep has a team of expert admissions counselors who are themselves alumni of reputed Universities from across the globe, including Cornell, Columbia, Harvard, USC, MIT, INSEAD, Stanford, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, LBS, among others. Having been part of such prestigious institutions, coupled with their dynamic industry experience ranging over 16 years, our admission consultants know exactly what top global universities are looking for in their ideal aspirants. Therefore, they can guide you in the best possible manner and ensure that you secure an admission offer for he right program in the right university.

UK admission consulting services

Profile Analysis: Our expert admission counselors/ consultants will analyze the student’s profile to evaluate his/her strengths, areas of interest, academic caliber, cocurricular participation.

Shortlist: After a thorough understanding of the student’s academic, professional, and financial requirements, the counselor would shortlist a host of universities where the student’s chances of acceptance as well as his potential to thrive are higher. Our team can assure admissions on the basis of the fact that ILM has placed students with similar profiles in such universities in the past.

Essay Editing: Your essays can unfold several stories about you: your personality, your skills, your goals, your vision, your maturity, your leadership style, all of these aspects are part of the essays that you are going to submit to the universities. In short, your essays are your first interaction with the University Admissions Committee. And since first impressions DO MATTER, you need to put your best foot forward. At ILM Prep, our team of experienced professional writers edit your drafts to attain a perfect blend of objective reporting and imaginative storytelling. They would effectively narrate your story from the point of view of what the University Admissions Committee wants to hear, yet speak your story in your language so that the entire draft appears interesting, sincere, and credible. From drafting a thousand--word long Statement of Purpose to condensing your life’s biggest achievement in ten words, the writers at ILM Prep can manage it all with efficient ease.

  • Secure Guaranteed Admissions to a reputed University
  • Study the program of your choice
  • Study in the destination of your choice
  • Study in a University that aligns best with your profile, vision and aspirations.