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SAT is a standardised exam administered by the college board and is required to be taken by all those candidates who are looking for admission in undergraduate schools. The SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test that was earlier known as Scholastic Aptitude Test. The test has been organized to check the mathematical, written, and verbal ability of the student. Applications that are interested in undergraduate courses especially in US and Canada are required to take this test. If the applicant is looking for a particular kind of course, they can select the subjects to show their knowledge and understanding in that particular subject.

Why SAT?

Students those who look forward for their education in US and Canada undergraduate schools take this exam. Almost every college in US requires good Sat score for the admission in various undergraduate courses. Leaving apart, many colleges offers scholarship based on the SAT results. If you are looking for best SAT coaching institute in Gurgaon, your search ends up here? ILM is a renowned coaching institute that aims to provide you best Sat score in a consummate way.

sat test preparation in gurgaon
sat coachiing classes in gurgaon

How do ILM helps you prepare for SAT?

ILM aims to provide you with customised training that helps you to attain a top rank position in SAT. SAT coaching by ILM covers all the sections, consider every aspects of the exam, includes comprehensive set of different subjects study material, and mock tests. It is our responsibility to make sure that our well-qualified faculty is available on a more one-on-one and personal level. Students are especially encouraged to ask for the doubts in the class or at any point of time.
Above all this once you get your SAT scores result, our team members start with admission counselling session. In this session you will learn about various schools and use your SAT scores in the best highest quality college.

Various Parameters:

At ILM we strongly believe in ourselves and thus our team is focused to provide you with the best solution of your questions. Above this once you will join the classes, most of your doubts and questions will be answered automatically. SAT exam pattern has been changed in 2016, and most of the candidates who will appear are planning to appear for SAT exam are not aware about this new pattern. As per the new latest pattern you have to answer 154 questions in 230 minutes.

Evidence based reading:

The following section tests your comprehensive, reading, and analytical skills. There will be 52 questions in each section, and you have to answer them in 65 minutes.

Writing and Language:

This section mainly focuses on the ability to recognise your errors in English Grammar usage, rhetoric, and convention. You will have 44 MCQs that needs to be solved in 35 minutes.


To show your organizational and analytical abilities, you need to write an essay in 50 minutes. After the completion it will be scored out of 24 points. Please note that this score will not be counted with your maths and English score. Although the scoring process is not so easy, ILM will be there to help you at every step. Our team members will take the pain and help you to become the master of the process and become master of the questions and have knowledge about the marking pattern.


To perform well in this section, you have to be perfect in algebra, problem-solving analysis, and advanced mathematics. There will be two mathematics sections.

Section 1: Mathematics without calculator. In this section there will be 20 questions and you need to answer these questions in 25 minutes.

Section 2: Mathematics with calculator. In this section you have to answer 38 questions in 55 minutes with the help of calculator.

ILM test preparation course in Gurgaon will help you to families with the facts and problem types that will be asked as per the new SAT pattern

What is a good SAT score to get admission in college?
An average SAT score is abound 1000. Any score that is above 1200 will be considered as a good score. The maximum score that can be scored by the candidates and is called as a perfect score is 1600. These are known as the scaled scores, you must have the understanding about the SAT scaled percentiles and scores. You percentile and score will show you how you have performed in comparison to other candidates.
SAT exam dates:
The managing team publishes the annual calendar of dates and the deadlines. This exam is generally held on Saturday. During the fall season there are maximum chances of this exam. It is normally difficult to sit for 2 exams back to back if the result for 1rst exam is low. Normally, the test is mainly offered every month in between October to January.