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Congratulations on your decision to pursue higher studies and we Thank You for choosing Intellectual Leadership Minds Pvt. Ltd, hereafter referred to as ILM, as your trusted guide to help you with your test preparation. Before enrolling, we would want you to carefully read the terms and conditions mentioned below. Your decision to enroll with us will be finalized only after you give your consent to all the points mentioned below.

  • 1) Fees once paid are NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances. You can reserve/block your enrollment by paying a partial payment approved by ILM Prep Staff/ Management. In case of any refunds, the registration fee i.e. KD 50 will be NON-REFUNDABLE. Refund is applicable only within 24 Hrs from the Date and time of Enrollment and only after the approval of ILM Prep Staff/ Management.

    2) ILM reserves the sole discretion to dismiss a student from its classroom or premises if he is found to indulge in inappropriate or indecent behavior, or misbehave with any staff or fellow student of ILM or disrupts the classroom environment. In such scenario, NO REFUND will be entertained.

    3) In case a student completes a certain number of hours in the course and thereafter is unable to continue due to any reason (personal, professional, academic etc.), there will be NO PARTIAL Refund for the remaining hours.

    4) In case a student drops out of a course without any prior intimation, he is not entitled to join any other batch at a later date. He can resume his course only after paying the ENTIRE Course fee for another batch.

    5) For students who opt for one on one private tutoring options, if the student cancels his class within 24 hours, the same class will not be rescheduled and the hours will be counted as completed. In case the student cancels before 24 hours, his class will be reschedule for a maximum of two such occasions.

    6) If a private tutoring student is absent for a class without any intimation, the same class will not be rescheduled and the hours will be counted as completed. If such instance is repeated for than twice, ILM reserves the right to cancel all further classes of that student WITHOUT entertaining any REFUND.

    7) If a student is unable to join a course before it commences due to some unavoidable circumstances, he has to inform the ILM management about the same at least one week prior to the start date. Failure to do so would imply that there will be NO REFUND given.