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Any area of graduation study that involves scientific disciplines calls for high critical thinking and sound cognitive abilities. No wonder then, top US universities look at your Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores, along with you graduations scores, essays, LORs & other documents to take a call on whether they will admit you to the course or not. So, if you are applying for a Master’s in Science or Ph.D. program (except for Medicine or Law) in the US, then you must clear the standardized Graduate Record Examination, (GRE). The GRE revised General Test scores have now become the benchmark for admission to many graduate business schools as also for admission to several departments within these schools. Known for our expert coaching and preparation, ILM provides you the best forum for GRE Test Preparation in Pune.

What is the test duration and when is it held?

The GRE test is for a duration of 3 hour 45 minutes, and this computer-based test can be taken round the year, at 700 Test centres around the world. Further, you will need to remember that the test is conducted by a testing agency called the ETS.

What does the GRE test?

For those who are not aware, the revised General Test measures analytical writing skills, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. It is important to understand that these are not related to any particular field of study.

Analytical Writing Test: In this section, you have to write response to two essay prompts using analytical and writing skills. The two essays are averaged and scored on a scale of 1 to 6 points, with score increases in 0.5 range.
Verbal Reasoning Section: This portion includes two sections for 30 minutes each consisting of 20 questions each. The questions can be broadly divided into vocabulary and reading comprehension. This section is scored on a range of 130 to 170 points.
Quantitative Reasoning Section: This section comprises two 35-minute sections, each containing 20 MCQs. You have MCQs with one answer or MCQs with more than one answer. This section is scored on a range of 130 to 170 points. The questions involve calculations that can be done with the help of an online calculator.
Experimental or Research Section: In this unscored surprise section, an examinee gets an unidentified un-scored section or may get an identified Research section. The experimental section is never announced to the students and is randomly placed.

How Does ILM Help You Prepare?

• We have accomplished experts who hand-hold you through the test prep process.
• Offer practice tests and periodic mock tests that are specially designed for you
• We have one-on-one feedback sessions for assessing where you stand
• English language and vocabulary experts who not only help you master complex words but also help you use them appropriately
• Essay writing experts who give you cutting-edge writing skills
• We also conduct mock interview sessions for you to do well once you clear the test.

What is the GRE Pattern?

It is a multi-stage and adaptive test that does not follow a steady pattern except that the Analytical Reasoning Test is the first section. What it means is that how well you perform in the first stage of the Verbal section will determine the difficulty level of the next section.

Why should one take the GRE?

The GRE test scores help the admission officer of the university to make an overall assessment of your undergraduate marks, your essays, your Letters of Recommendations (LORs) and a tranche of relevant documents for graduate study. The GRE scores may prove to be the clincher. Please note that your test scores are valid for 5 years.

How many times can one take the Test?

Fret not, you can take this computer-based or paper based test once every 21 days. Please note that you cannot take the test more than five times in one 12-month period.