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The GRE- (Graduate Record Examination) is a standard test that evaluates your analytical and critical thinking abilities. In case you have to apply for Ph.d. or Master’s in Science program GRE opens a gateway to all the reputed US Graduate School. You have to perform well to note that the test holds true in all disciplines except the Medicine or Law. Interestingly the revised general examination scores have now gained rapid popularity that many renowned institutions will offer admission with the valid GRE scores. Known for the expert preparation and coaching, ILM PREP aims to provide you with the best forum for your GRE examination preparation in Delhi.

What is the duration of this exam and when it is help?

The duration of GRE test is of 3 hour 45 minutes. It is a computer based test that can be taken at any time of the year. There are a total of 700 centres in the world where you can take this test. Further, the important thing that needs to remember is that the exam is conducted by the testing agency known as ETS.

What is GRE test?

For all those who are not aware about the pattern, the revised general test measures quantitative reasoning, analytical writing skills, and verbal reasoning. It is really important to be aware that all these are not related with any particular kind of study.

Analytical Writing test: : In this section, you have to give response to the two essays that prompts using writing and analytical skills. Both these essays are scored and averaged on the scale of points 1 to 6, with the score indication in 0.5 range.
Verbal reasoning section:: This section has two sections that are to be solved in 30 minutes and consists of 20 questions each. The two sections questions are broadly divided in to reading comprehension and vocabulary. The section is ranged between the score of 130 to 170 points.
Quantitative Reasoning Section: This section consists of two 35 minutes sections, and each section contains 20 multiple choice questions. In this section there can be one or multiple answers to a MCQ. This particular section is calculated on a range of 130 till 170 points. The questions that involve hard calculations can be solved using online calculator.
Research or Experimental section: It is called as un-scored surprise section, in this section an examinee gets the un-identified, un-scored or in some case gets an identified research section. This section is known as experimental section because it is never announced to the candidates and is randomly placed.

How ILM helps you to prepare?

• We have a team of well-qualified experts who hand hold you through your entire test-preparation process.
• Offer periodic mock tests and practice tests that are specially prepared for the students.
• To know your position, there is one-on-one meetings and feedback sessions.
• Vocabulary experts and English language professionals not only help you with master complex words but rather help them to use in appropriate manner.
• Essay writing professionals aims to provide you with cutting edge writing skills.
• Once you clear the test, a mock interview section is conducted .

What is GRE pattern?

It is an adaptive and multi-stage test which never follows a steady pattern expects the Analytical Reasoning Test that is the first section. This clearly means that the best performance you will give in the first portion of verbal section, you will come to know about the difficulty of the next section.

Why should one go for GRE test?

As discussed earlier this test helps the admission faculty to build an overview of your relevant documentation that is mandatory for graduation process, letter of recommendation, essays, and undergraduate marks. The scores of the GRE prove to be a clincher. The important point to note is that these test scores are valid for a period of five years.

How many times a person can test GRE test?

In case you have not clear your test in first chance, don’t panic, you can take this exam i.e. paper based or computer based once every twenty-one days. The important point to consider here is that the candidate cannot take this test more than 5 times in a one twelve –month period.