sat coaching classes in delhi

If it’s your dream to study in reputed US Universities, it is important for you to clear SAT exam, and not only you have to appear for this examination but you have to perform well too. SAT that stands for Scholastic Aptitude test is a standardized admission test that is mandatory for top notch renowned universities in US. This test has kept evolving with time, and was once again re-launched in its new form in 2016.

Why SAT?

Now what exactly is the thing that SAT aims to check in the student appearing to scale the pinnacle of the yearly success? ILM has made a remarkable name that has aced this difficult exam with consummate ease. So, if you are looking forward for the cutting edge New SAT Test Preparation and Coaching Classes in Delhi, then your search ends up here. We aim you to provide with the best quality techniques and best strategies that will help you clear this test.

sat test preparation in delhi
sat coachiing classes in delhi

How do we help you prepare?

• We have a team of well-qualified top-notch trainers that help you to clear this exam.
• Our main motive is to prepare in a systematic and planned way, backed up by best techniques and guidance.
• Periodic mock tests and practice sessions are unique elements for our preparation process.
• Regular mock scores and holding simulated regular tests, helps you to constantly rate the performance.
• Reviewing the mistakes and expert feedback from the well-trained trainers are crucial elements for clearing the new SAT.
• Our stress-busting exercises allow you to stay relaxed and help you not falter on the exam day. .

Testing Parameters:

At ILM Prep, we believe that more minded your questions are, better our answers will be. Our SAT exam cracking course will resolve all your doubts. Most of the candidates are not aware about the new SAT format 2016. The renewed SAT patterns test you on these basic following parameters. You have to answer 153 questions in all in 230 minutes. .

Evidence-based Reading:

This section includes your comprehension, reading, and analytical skills. In all there are 52 MCQs that have to answer in 65 minutes.

Writing and Language:

This section tests your capacity to recognize errors related to Standard English grammar rhetoric, conventions, and usage. You will in all get 35 minutes to take the solution of 44 MCQs


To perform best in this part, you have to be master in problem-solving analysis, advanced mathematics, and algebra. There will be two mathematics sections, the first section in Mathematics section have to be solved without using calculator, where you have to prudently manage the time to solve 20 questions in all 25 minutes. The next section will allow you to use the calculator to resolve 38 questions in the 55 minutes. ILMs SAT preparation in Kuwait will familiarise you with the difficult questions that will be frequently tested with the new SAT format.


You will get 50 minutes to solve the optional essay where you express your organizational and analytical abilities. The writing section is scored from 24 points but it will not count with your total score in English and Maths. The calculating process is real complex but ILM Preparation is to simplify matters. We will take the headache to be a master over this process and get accustomed to the marking pattern and solve the questions. As per our advice, we will suggest you to select to write the essay. .
What is good SAT score?
The good SAT score lies from between 400 to 1600 out of the total score, with 200-800 for your sub-scores. While one score is for combined reading and writing score, and other is for Mathematics to build one for Evidence based writing and reading score. While the high score is always the best, your total score from the 1600 corresponds to the percentile ranks. Your percentile will represent you how you have performed in comparison to other candidates. So depending on your score your performance will be judged, example, if you have score 60 percentile than definitely you have performed better that 60% of the students.
SAT Test Dates:
Although the planners and organisers announce an official date for the commencement of the exam, it is generally held on the Saturday. During the fall seasons there is always a higher proportion of the tests. If the result of first SAT test is below par, in that case, it is difficult for you sit for 2SAT test. Mostly, internationally this exam is held mainly every month from October to January.