sat coaching classes in bangalore

Your desire to study in your dream US university means you need to take a crack at SAT, and do exceedingly well in it, too. Known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), this standardized admission test for top-notch US universities has kept evolving over time, and was relaunched in a new avatar in 2016.

Why SAT?

Now, what is it that SAT aims to test in a student aspiring to scale the pinnacle of academic success. At ILM, students have aced SAT with consummate ease. So, if you are looking for cutting edge New SAT Test preparation and Coaching Classes in Bangalore, then your search ends with us. We provide you with quality techniques and key strategies that will help you ace the test.

sat test preparation in banglore
sat coachiing classes in banglore

How do we help you prepare

• We have a string of top-notch international trainers to help you ace the test.
• We help you prepare in a planned and systematic way, backed by proper guidance and techniques.
• Practice sessions and periodic mock tests are unique elements to our preparation process
• Holding simulated practice tests and giving you a mock score, helps you constantly rate your performance
• Feedback from our expert trainers and reviewing your mistakes are crucial components for cracking the New SAT.
• We provide you with stress-busting exercises so that you don’t falter on the test day.

Testing Parameters

At ILM Prep, we strongly believe that the tougher your questions, the better our answers. Our SAT test preparation courses will clearly answer all your questions.Many of you may not be aware of the New SAT format, since its change in May 2016. The New SAT Pattern tests you on the following parameters. *In all, you have to answer 154 questions in 230 minutes.

Evidence-based Reading

This section tests your reading, comprehension and analytical skills. There are 52 multiple choice questions that need to be answered in 65 minutes.

Writing and Language:

This segment measures your ability to recognise errors in Standard English grammar conventions, rhetoric and usage. You will get 35 minutes to solve 44 multiple choice questions.


To do well in this part, you have to be proficient in algebra, advanced maths and problem-solving analysis. There are two Math Sections: The first section is Math without calculator, where you need to prudently manage your time to answer 20 questions in 25 minutes. The second section allows you to use a calculator to solve 38 questions in 55 minutes. ILM's SAT test preparation in Kuwait will familiariseyou with the problem types that are frequently tested on the New SAT format.


You get 50 minutes to write an optional Essay where you show your analytical and organizational abilities. The essay is scored out of 24 points but it is not counted towards your total scores in Math and English. The scoring process is quite complex but ILM Prep is here to simplify matters. We take the pain to help you get mastery over the process and get accustomed to the question and the marking pattern. On our part, we suggest you opt to write the essay.
What is a good SAT score?
The scoring ranges from between 400 to 1600 for getting a total score and 200-800 for each of your sub-scores. While one score is for Math, the other is for your combined Reading & Writing score to make for one Evidence-based Reading & Writing score. While the higher score the better it is, your total score out of 1600 corresponds to a percentile ranking. Your percentile shows you how you have fared when compared to other students. So, if you get a 60th percentile score, you have fared better than 60 per cent of all examinees.
SAT Test Dates
While the organisers publish an official annual calendar for dates and deadlines, it is generally held on a Saturday. During Fall season there is a higher proportion of tests. It is generally difficult to sit for 2 SAT exams in a row if the result for the 1st test is below par. However, internationally, the test is offered mainly every month from October-January.